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With just a few details and photos of your project, we can often provide an estimate quickly and without a site visit.

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Get your free estimate

With just a few details and photos of your project, we can often provide an estimate quickly and without a site visit.

Response time< 24 hrs
Response rate100%
Proud Tesla Certified Professionals
Proud Tesla Certified Professionals

Tesla experts with 10+ years of local experience and hundreds of charger installations

Fast and Free Online Estimates
Fast and Free Online Estimates

Most jobs quoted within 24 hours, without a site visit

Homeowners love Centerfield Electric
Homeowners love Centerfield Electric

Maximize savings with minimal effort

We help you find and apply for any applicable local incentives and rebates.

Save up to $500 with Xcel Energy

Eligible customers can save up to $500 on a home EV charger installation with Xcel Energy's Home Wiring Rebate.

Learn more here.

Save up to $500 with Xcel Energy

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The Centerfield Electric Guarantee

Local Tesla Experts with hundreds of chargers installed

Equipment Warranty

4 year Tesla charging equipment limited warranty

Workmanship Warranty

1 year Centerfield Electric workmanship warranty

Certified Installation

Our team of installation experts is licensed and insured up to $1M

Permitting and Inspection

We obtain permits and schedule inspections

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"Mr. Plough was responsive, prompt and very well priced. He addressed any questions we had. He made the process easy and took care of everything that we needed. I feel that he really went above and beyond with the service he provided us. Thank you, Scott!"

- Shannon S.

"Scott did a great job installing our EV charger, detailed and conscientious. As the Parker permit inspector commented, he could see from the pipe bending alone how experienced Scott was."

- Richard H.

"Centerfield installed a tesla charger in our garage and did great work. Very good communication and quality work. I would highly recommend."

- Will S.

"Scott did an amazing job on our charger install. Professional, on time, great communication, fantastic knowledge of EV charging, and impeccable work. If you need a charger installed, call Centerfield. 100% happy with Scott's work. Thank you."

- Ken G.


How much does an installation cost?

A home EV charger installation can cost anywhere from $750 to more than $3,000. In the US, the average price is $1,300, but yours may cost more if your home’s setup is more complicated than average. The main factors that impact your price are your electrical panel’s capacity, the brand of panel you have, and the distance between your panel and your charger location.

Can I Install An Electric Vehicle Charger Outdoors?

Yes, electric vehicle chargers can be installed outdoors. However, it's important to choose a charger that's designed for outdoor use and to protect it from the elements.

Do I Need To Obtain Permits To Install An Electric Vehicle Charger?

Permit requirements vary depending on your local building codes and regulations. It's important to check with your city or county government to determine if you need a permit for the installation.

Can I Install An Electric Vehicle Charger If I Rent My Home?

If you rent your home, you may need to get permission from your landlord before installing an electric vehicle charger. Additionally, you may need to remove the charger when you move out.

How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Vehicle?

The time it takes to charge an electric vehicle depends on the type of charger and the size of the battery. Level 1 chargers can take up to 20 hours to fully charge a battery, while Level 2 chargers can take between 4-8 hours. DC fast chargers can charge a battery to 80% in about 30 minutes.

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